Timeless Stories 220431

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Colour adds vibrancy and life to your interior. It influences your mood and instantly creates an evocative atmosphere. Choosing an appealing wallpaper from Timeless Stories, makes decorating with colour easy. With timeless stories we have created a classic collection of wallpaper in many different textures and subtle patterns, all beautifully colour coordinated. The wallpaper is organised in professional combined colour families, making it easy for you to choose your own unique colour pallet. Whether you prefer a classic interiors with dark colours or Scandinavian design with fresh natural shades and textures. You’ll always find the perfect wallpaper in the collection Timeless Stories. For every style you will find impeccable colour combinations. Timeless textures in winning colour combinations make decorating your interior easy and fun. Dare to choose colours for your walls and live your life in full colour!

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10 m x 53 cm


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